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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Messege to Everyone

We're really sorry for not being able to update the site more often. Everyone's been busy in their own projects.
But as of the 25th of May 2010, all the DBS news will be back to keep you updated.
Once again, I would like to apologize on behalf of everyone in the team.

Keep DBS-ing :) (lame xP)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Chester!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bonedo.de interview with Dead By Sunrise

There is a video interview with Dead By Sunrise online at bonedo.de and you can check out out here!
Bonedo.de also did an interview with Julien-K that you can watch here, and a raffle for a Orange Tiny Error Amp signed by Amir and Ryan which you can enter for here!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some random info

Just some random DBS/JK info I thought I'd share with you guys.

1. I asked Chester if DBS will be touring US. "Personally, I'd love to! But it wouldn't be fair on the guys in Linkin Park"
2. Amit (thepoet), Lisa (immortalsoul), Laura (I don't think she's on LPL) and I got to listen to 2 Julien K songs that are planned to be on their second album. We also got chances to listen to Killing Fields - it's amazing
3. Ryan told me Everyone Knows is planned to be on the 2nd album
4. Elias was actually asked to be the drummer of the live Nine Inch Nails band. He declined as he was working with Julien K, despite NIN being one his all-time favourite bands
5. For the Hamburg show, there was talk of Chester joining The Delta Fiasco for one song. Due to stage setup, it become an impossibility


6. In The Darkness was planned to be on the New Moon soundtrack. However, they wanted the song exclusively. Dead By Sunrise declined after this decision.

If I remember any more, I will update.

Friday, February 26, 2010

DBS show cancelled

Tomorrows show for Dead By Sunrise on the Oliver Pocher show has been cancelled. Amir told Lisa and Laura.

More news on this as we know, just thought I'd give you guys travelling a heads up!

EDIT: It's now confirmed by the DBS MySpace but no reason givens

Monday, February 15, 2010

DBS Japan show broadcast

28.01.2010 Tokyo, Japan, Shibuya-Ax

According to japanese Warner Music Group site, this DBS show will be broadcasted on February 27 on some japanese TV show.

February 27, 2010 (Sat) 23:00 - 24:00
"Broadcast repeat"
February 28 (Sun) 16:00 - 17:00 / March 2 (Tue) 25:00 - 26:00

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interview w/ Elias Andra (JK/DBS), January/February 2010

The European leg of the Dead By Sunrise tour is almost here, so we teamed up with Julien-K Germany and LP Italy to bring you this interview with Elias. We hope you guys enjoy it!

Here's our part of the interview, read the other portion with 10 more questions and answers inside this thread!

11. What difference, if any, is there between Julien-K and Dead By Sunrise fans?
I think there is not much of a difference. I want to believe that a true fan would support both.

12. Can we expect a live CD, DVD or even both from Julien-K or Dead By Sunrise in the future?
Julien-K released a couple of live bootlegs on the internet from our tour with Evanescence in the fall of 2007. I believe we captured something incredible. You got to see what our production was then and what we could do live as an electronic rock band. Julien-K is truly a different animal live. As just with any band you have to see us live to understand and appreciate the emotions we present on stage. Fortunately Evanescence allowed us to bring our whole production with us. Plus our crew really kicked ass and if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think we could do what we do live. As far as releasing live content for either band, I think YouTube does that for us already in many ways – haha.

13. Which Julien-K or Dead By Sunrise track are you most proud of having worked on?
I’m very proud of all the drumming on Dead By Sunrise tracks. I put all my heart and soul into making the drums sing. Plus creating the drum beats for Out of Ashes was a band collaboration effort. I think that was the most fun part in which everyone helped out in making the songs better. Drumming-wise, “Into You” is technically the one I am most proud of.

14. Is there a chance that you play some Julien-K songs during the Dead By Sunrise shows on the upcoming European tour, or can we even expect other live treats such as more covers or acoustic songs?
No Julien-K songs other than “Morning After.” The best part about our set, as most people already know, is you will get to hear almost all of Out of Ashes in its entirety. Plus the bonus songs that did not make the CD will be the icing on the cake.

© 2010. Disclaimer: This interview may not be reproduced in part or in entirety without the written consent of Julien-K Germany (Julien-K.de), LPLive.net, and LinkinPark.it.

Also, Elias needs our help and votes in the http://www.moderndrummer.com/contest.php. You can name him in almost every category but especially in the "Up and Coming Drummers" category.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Euro Re-Release of DTA on March 5!

As the official European re-release of Julien-K's debut album Death To Analog approaches, I thought it would be helpful to provide you guys with some updates:

The European re-release of Death To Analog will be released on March 5 via the German indie label Tiefdruck-Musik in a special digipak that also includes 3 bonus tracks: The previously unreleased (and highly anticipated) "Killing Fields," the song "Dreamland" (that had only been released as part of the "Kick The Bass" single in the USA), and the Brandon Belsky remix of "Maestro" (that had only been released as part of a special, US-only summer tour EP in 2008).

The tracklist is therefore shaping us as follows:

01) Death To Analog
02) Someday Soon
03) Kick The Bass
04) Technical Difficulties
05) Systeme de Sexe
06) Maestro
07) Forever
08) Spiral
09) Nvr Say Nvr
10) Dystopian Girl
11) Look At U
12) Stranded
13) Disease
14) Futura (DTA Mix)
15) Dreamland**
16) Killing Fields**
17) Maestro (Brandon Belsky Remix)**

The first single will be "Kick The Bass," and radio promo CDs will therefore be sent out that contain the original song, two remixes (the Dave Audé and the Dopamine remix of KTB), and the video for the song!

Source: Julien-K Germany

If you are from a German-speaking country and want to extensively promote the new release and win some goodies while doing so, please read this important blog from JULIEN-K GERMANY: CLICK.

On another note: We from JULIEN-K GERMANY will also be launching the official German Julien-K site http://www.julien-k.de very soon and are gonna prepare some cool stuff for the upcoming Dead By Sunrise Germany Tour in late February!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rayn Posted a Pic Of Chester

"I'm supposed to be doing press w CB - but instead I just stand there taking pictures of him having to do the work.. Ha ha.. "

Lol. :P

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