Sunday, February 7, 2010

Euro Re-Release of DTA on March 5!

As the official European re-release of Julien-K's debut album Death To Analog approaches, I thought it would be helpful to provide you guys with some updates:

The European re-release of Death To Analog will be released on March 5 via the German indie label Tiefdruck-Musik in a special digipak that also includes 3 bonus tracks: The previously unreleased (and highly anticipated) "Killing Fields," the song "Dreamland" (that had only been released as part of the "Kick The Bass" single in the USA), and the Brandon Belsky remix of "Maestro" (that had only been released as part of a special, US-only summer tour EP in 2008).

The tracklist is therefore shaping us as follows:

01) Death To Analog
02) Someday Soon
03) Kick The Bass
04) Technical Difficulties
05) Systeme de Sexe
06) Maestro
07) Forever
08) Spiral
09) Nvr Say Nvr
10) Dystopian Girl
11) Look At U
12) Stranded
13) Disease
14) Futura (DTA Mix)
15) Dreamland**
16) Killing Fields**
17) Maestro (Brandon Belsky Remix)**

The first single will be "Kick The Bass," and radio promo CDs will therefore be sent out that contain the original song, two remixes (the Dave Audé and the Dopamine remix of KTB), and the video for the song!

Source: Julien-K Germany

If you are from a German-speaking country and want to extensively promote the new release and win some goodies while doing so, please read this important blog from JULIEN-K GERMANY: CLICK.

On another note: We from JULIEN-K GERMANY will also be launching the official German Julien-K site very soon and are gonna prepare some cool stuff for the upcoming Dead By Sunrise Germany Tour in late February!

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