Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some random info

Just some random DBS/JK info I thought I'd share with you guys.

1. I asked Chester if DBS will be touring US. "Personally, I'd love to! But it wouldn't be fair on the guys in Linkin Park"
2. Amit (thepoet), Lisa (immortalsoul), Laura (I don't think she's on LPL) and I got to listen to 2 Julien K songs that are planned to be on their second album. We also got chances to listen to Killing Fields - it's amazing
3. Ryan told me Everyone Knows is planned to be on the 2nd album
4. Elias was actually asked to be the drummer of the live Nine Inch Nails band. He declined as he was working with Julien K, despite NIN being one his all-time favourite bands
5. For the Hamburg show, there was talk of Chester joining The Delta Fiasco for one song. Due to stage setup, it become an impossibility


6. In The Darkness was planned to be on the New Moon soundtrack. However, they wanted the song exclusively. Dead By Sunrise declined after this decision.

If I remember any more, I will update.

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