Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chester Interview by The West Australian

Check out the new Chester interview:

"Chester Bennington steps out of the studio to take my call, but he's not in there making music for his new solo venture Dead by Sunrise. He's making Linkin Park's fourth record.

When Bennington announced that he'd be exploring music on his own, it seemed that Linkin Park might be dissolving, especially considering the famously drawn-out recording process that accompanied their most recent album, 2007's Minutes to Midnight. But he seems more excited about Linkin Park than ever.

Rumours abound that their next album will be more consistent than Minutes to Midnight, which was knitted together from 50 songs, and will be structured by a loose concept. He says that songwriting rules long held by the band are now disregarded and they are producing some of their most fluid material in their 10th year together.

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