Friday, December 25, 2009

Mike Shinoda Talks About New Album

With the recent release of the fan club-only rarities compilation LPU9: Demos and a Grammy nomination for best Hard Rock Performance for "What I've Done," from their live album, Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes, the decade is drawing to a close nicely for Linkin Park.

Did Chester's going off and working with [solo project] Dead By Sunrise have any residual affect on how he's now contributing to Linkin Park?
That's a good question. I related to where Chester was at when he was making the Dead By Sunrise record. I went through the same thing with [Shinoda's side-project] Fort Minor. He had songs that he had to get out of his system; songs that the rest of the guys in Linkin Park couldn't necessarily get behind. Not because they wouldn't like them, but because they aren't right for a Linkin Park record. I think for both of us, working outside the band made us feel like we could focus better when we eventually came back.

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