Friday, October 30, 2009

28.10.2009 - Discover Music! Event Setlist

On the 28th, Dead By Sunrise played a short, intimate set for Google music @ Capitol Records for the debut of Google's new music service. We learned of the performance only hours before it took place thanks to Amir on Twitter. However, we had no setlist or info on what Dead By Sunrise played. Well, that is...until now.

01. Crawl Back In
02. Condemned
03. Morning After
04. Fire
05. Let Down
06. End Of The World
07. Inside Of Me
08. My Suffering

Show page here.

Hahninator: @AmirDerakh - we were wondering what you guys played last night. could you help us out with a DBS setlist please?

AmirDerakh: @Hahninator crawlcondemnedmorningfireletdownendinsidemysuffering

Thanks to Amir for the setlist! That is really fucking cool if you ask me. Only with Dead By Sunrise would you get something badass like that. I don't know about you, but I really appreciate that - fuckin' sweet. Did you know that would have been the first Linkin Park/LP-related act show setlist we wouldn't have gotten since 2004? Good to see that despite a mass panic by the staff, the trend will continue!


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