Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chester's Solo Cd to be released Spring/Summer next year

While Linkin Park is starting the new album, Bennington will be putting the finishing touches on his first solo album, which he's been recording with producer Howard Benson and hopes to have out next spring or summer. "I'll probably be finished in the next couple months," reports Bennington, who describes the set as "a lot more straightforward rock, with a little bit of an electronic element to it, lots of keys and snyths and stuff like that. And there are a few elements where I think you'll be able to see what my influence on (Linkin Park) is."

Bennington also hopes "to do as much touring as possible" to promote the solo album but adds that he's wary of "putting myself in a situation where I can't finish the Linkin Park record because I'm supposed to be on a tour. It's a really delicate kind of balancing act I'm gonna try to pull off here."



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